Friday The 13th With Cherrybreeze (Vids re-uploaded)

It’s no secret Zoe has issues, and is unstable, due to whatever circumstances that have happened in her life. But, when you have people that genuinely care for you, as she had with Babs, it’s probably not the brightest thing to turn on them in a big way…all because a troll winds you up on VaughnLive.

But this is Cherrybreeze we are talking about. And the following video’s show just how much loyalty you get back for caring for her.

Watch as she spews nothing but utter hatred for the one guy who went out of his way to protect her from the ‘beatings’ she was supposedly getting while staying at Tobi’s house in Germany.






Regardless of what you think of Babs, and yes he does troll UA and others, but the video’s on here proved he was doing what he thought was best for Zoe at the time. And because some troll posts something in her cast, she racially abuses him, gives out his mobile number, threatens to kill him, and threatens to send the Police to his house.

What a CUNT!









11 Thoughts to “Friday The 13th With Cherrybreeze (Vids re-uploaded)”

  1. Ilovemytobi

    I love how he beats me up, Or when i lie he did so confused day to day me, Drama queen, Selfish inconsiderate, rude, obnoxious, scamming, narcissist, delusional, cruel, bitter, mental…just a few start with regarding her.

  2. Disgustingcherry

    She is a toxic, vile person. Whatever happened in her life is no excuse for her to be such a disgusting person toward people, She is an adult and is old enough to know better.

    Having said that, if you want to get caught up with a cunt like her it is your own fault and you deserve it.

  3. Observant

    The way she behaves and speaks it sounds like she is abusing inhalants, whippets and computer cleaner etc…she is lost in a haze 24/7….this is not from alcohol….

  4. The_Maze

    All Babs ever did was stick up for her, The Reason the police probably know her name is she is a regular caller to them, sounds like she got nicked in Germany for drunk and disorderly.
    As said in a previous post there was no need for her racist vile abuse against Babs
    let her carry on with her toxic life.

  5. RUBY

    Is she back in germany with that nutter or is he here?

  6. cherrytheracist

    she is a racist and hypocrite last year she was attacking nathan mrbluesky over being racist, and there she is with her cocksucker mouth threatening, racist and all sorts. someone needs to punch her right in the mouth one day

  7. RUBY

    she,s turning in too a female toby it,s fucking freaky cherry too use your own phrase ‘get too know yourself’

  8. She forgets, it was HER that gave Babs Tobi’s address, so he could get the Police to come and save her.

    Just because she probably ran her big mouth at the German Police and ended up locked up overnight, isn’t Babs fault.

    I’ve tried to defend her in the past, but she stepped way over the mark with what she did yesterday. If she had just been calling him names, it would of just been another VL meltdown, but to give out his phone number, knowing what the trolls on VL are like, and then abuse him racially, was bang out of order.

    The lad tried his best to stop her getting beat up, and that’s how she treats him?

    The thing is, she will never even apologise, because in her warped mind, she thinks she’s invincible.

    She’s going to get a big wake up call one day, because if she was ever to cry out for help again, who in their right mind would get involved?

    1. Babs

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Karl.

  9. anonymous

    Babs is just one in a series of countless victims she drags into her shit show. She gets off on the drama, she comes pretending to seek sympathy and advice only to ignore it and does whatever produces the most dramatic outcome. She is not seeking to improve herself or her life, anything that gives stability in her life she rejects in as dramatic of a way as possible and then goes and does something stupid and then comes back crying about how shitty things are.

    Boohoo tobi beats me and yells at me and has no money and wont come visit me and doesnt even fucking speak english, but I “love him” but I cannot say even one thing I love about him and I’m going to move to germany to be with him.

  10. lockherup

    Alcohol isn’t the only thing she is on. She is a whack job!

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