The Mr BlueSky Allegations

I have noticed that there are several rumours doing the rounds about Mr BlueSky following our post about his racist views towards Immigrants.

Just to clear up some of the confusion. Nathan is the Father of Mark Gronan. Now for Legal reasons, we can only say that a person had done/said something if we have the evidence. Be it in a video form or a screencap.

So what we can say is that Nathan, Mr BlueSky, has some quite extreme racist views towards Asian and African/Caribbean people being in the UK. The video is there, he can’t deny it.

Where some people are getting confused is the alleged actions of his son Mark. I have yet to see 100% proof that Nathan was part of the allegations being directed towards Mark, concerning his online trolling, and rumours of Paedophilia.

Here are a couple of different websites that are making the allegations against him.

Mark Gronan 1

Mark Gronan 2

Mark Gronan 3

Some pretty disturbing accusations there, and for Anonymous to get involved, you can only suspect there was something going on.

What we can say Mark Gronan did do, was to attack, and try and blackmail the Vaughns, when Vaughnlive was in it’s early stages.

Warning: The following video is on a loop. So no, you are not going mad lol.

So while i have yet to see any hard proof of Nathan’s involvement, i think it’s wrong to accuse him of any part of his son’s ‘activities’

Is Nathan racist? Yes, he admits that himself on video.

Was his son involved in the death of Breana Greathouse, or the alleged Paedophilia?

Only you can make your mind up on that!






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